Exhibition Tips and Tricks: Secrets for a Fantastic Trade Show, Article No.1

With years of experience in the exhibition & events industry, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to help you through your next exhibition – from planning through to post-show.

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for many industries, providing ample reasons for both brand and customer to attend. Although,  often seen as a marketing investment, when it comes to cost – things can get a little pricey!

From space rental and exhibition stands, to travel and promotional costs – the checklist for any trade show attendance can be epic, so it’s important that when you commit to going – you do it well and make the most of your time!

Here’s your ultimate exhibition checklist.

Planning Exhibition Tips

Choose the right exhibition

With thousands of exhibitions taking place around the world, it’s very important to choose the right one. When considering your next show, make sure you do your homework and find out as much information as possible. Establish if the show fits into your existing marketing strategy and if it’s attractive to your target audience. Show organizers should be able to provide answers to these questions:

  • How established is the show?

  • How many visitors attended last year? (Ask for attendance records, and see if they fit into your target market).

  • How is the show promoted and which media will attend?

  • What exhibition packages are available? (Take time deciding which one is right for you, the main exhibition stands that organizers offer are space only and shell scheme package).

Check out your competition

Ask for a list of confirmed exhibitors and check out your competition before the show. Find out about their products, marketing and images they use. Use this information to refine your exhibition strategy. Avoid being close to them and know where they are located. Your competitors can help you, too. Their marketing efforts might attract more potential customers into the show.

Know your neighbours

Remember to established a solid relationship with your neighbours. Communicate with each other, find out their schedule and get information about their stand design.

Pick the right space

If you want to be in a highly-desirable location book your exhibition space as soon as possible. The biggest booth you can afford might not necessarily be the best option for your business, consider how much space you need carefully. Ask organisers for the floor plan and find a position that suits you best. Decide if you want to be close to the main attraction, entrance, centre of the exhibition or if you want a corner stand. Don’t forget to take into consideration your neighbours, the position of your competitors, any obstructing columns and dead-end aisles.

Create a plan

You should start planning for exhibition at least 4 to 6 months before the show. Together with your team set realistic objectives, create a schedule and plan all activities. Discuss your budget, transport, exhibition stand design and show details.

Establish your budget

For maximum cost-effectiveness, choose an exhibition stand design which you will be able to use over and over. When planning your budget, remember that you might have to leave some room for additional costs. These may include installation and dismantle services, on site management, travel, advertising and shipping charges. By planning carefully, you will be able to enjoy a successful exhibition within your budget.

Choose the right exhibition stand

The design of your stand is vital. Unique design, graphics and content are essential to making your stand as noticeable as possible. Instead of following design trends, you should always aim for individuality. Your custom exhibition stand should remain original and reflect your brand.

Book your parking

While you might be busy organizing you stand location and design, it’s important to remember the small stuff: passes for your stuff, ID badges and parking.

Here at F EVENTS MANAGEMENT, we’re passionate about your brand, and are proud to have created bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brand. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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