Exhibition Tips and Tricks: Secrets for a Fantastic Trade Show, Article No.3

Staffing Exhibition Tips

Pick your team

You can’t predict trade show traffic, so always be prepared! Arm yourself with the best in the industry, and lots of ’em! You can only talk to one person at once, so if you’re tied up in conversation, you really won’t want to lose that poor guy’s attention whose been waiting for you for the last 10 minutes. For smaller events, we recommend at least 2 or 3 staff, and for larger events – opt for a dream team of 5 or more! After all, too much preparation is never as harmful to a brand’s reputation as not enough.

Prepare your team

Brief your staff before the show. Make sure everyone is clear on what they’re doing. Explain your objectives and why you are exhibiting at this particular show. Remind them of simple rules like no eating, chewing gum or mobile phones. Ask engaging, open ended questions.

Dress to impress

Your staff represent the company and need to make a good first impression. If your staff don’t usually wear uniforms, don’t feel that you need to invest in them just for the show. You can instead choose to wear brand-coloured shirts or accessories. If your stand has a specific theme, it might be a good idea to contribute to that theme with your staff uniform. Staff attire will become part of your advertisement, people will identify it and link it to you exhibition stand.

Remember body language

Greet visitors warmly and encourage them to explore your booth and products. If you have to sit down, choose a high stool which will create an eye level contact. Remember that facial expressions are important, make sure your team is smiling and responding to what the visitor is saying.

Train your staff

Exhibitions put you in front of potential customers, so training your staff before the show is essential. Don’t do it one hour before the exhibition, dedicate one day to share your ideas and train your staff. Let them know your objectives and how you are planning to achieve them. Make sure everyone knows their individual goals. Train your staff in sales, customer service, spotting prospects and competitors. Your team needs to believe in your product and know everything about it. How much it costs? What are the main features? And who’s likely to buy it? It’s a good idea to introduce role play exercise. Practice product demonstrations and ways to engage with visitors. It will make your team feel confident and ready for the show.

Don’t overstaff

Overstaffed stand will look crowded and discourage people from visiting. It might also be intimidating. If you arrived at the show and it turns out you have too many people at the stand, you can always send them to check out the competitors or to approach customers outside of your stand.

Consider stand maintenance staff

Depending on your stand design, you might have to consider hiring people to install and maintain your stand at the show. This will guarantee that your exhibition time is stress-free and everything runs smoothly.

Motivate your staff

Keeping your staff motivated is necessary. Maintain a fun environment and reward your team for good performance. Make your objectives clear and let your staff know how the company will benefit from the exhibition. Your staff will be much more motivated knowing the importance of the show and how much you’re investing. Give your staff some time off to have lunch and explore the exhibition.

Here at F EVENTS MANAGEMENT, we’re passionate about your brand, and are proud to have created bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brand. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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