Exhibition Tips and Tricks: Secrets for a Fantastic Trade Show, Article No.4

Exhibition Checklist

Arrive early

When you get to the show make sure your stand is set up properly and it’s ready to go. If your booth includes any special features and technology, make sure everything is working. Allow some time for troubleshooting, finishing touches and getting your staff ready. Make sure all your literature, giveaways, notepads, pens and price lists are in the right place. Arriving at the show early will let you start the day panic-free.

Confirm arrival of your staff

Confirm everyone arrived on time and is ready for the show. Remind them about their individual goals and day’s activities. Have a quick meeting with your team and conduct a dry run just before the show starts.

Photograph your stand

Don’t forget to take pictures of your stand during the show. Photograph your stand when it’s busy, include different angles, key features and graphics. Capture visitors interacting with your staff and your products. Share your photos during the exhibition on your main social media platforms, don’t forget to use the official show hashtag when tweeting. You can also use your photographs for post-show promotions, press releases, blog posts or e-newsletters.

Take breaks

Exhibitions usually last a whole day, so it’s very important that you and your staff take breaks. In addition to the usual lunch break, allow your staff to have some time to explore the exhibition. This way your team will get bored less easily and will be kept motivated.

Capture data

Before you turn to another visitor, make sure you note down all the details of the person you just spoke to. Including which items or services they were interested in? What they liked about your products? What company they work for? And how you promised to contact them? It might be a good idea to prepare a quick enquiry form and have it ready to be filled out. It could be a paper form or a digital application.

Choose between paper and digital

Consider how you are going to capture lead details. You have two options, paper forms or a digital application on iPad or computer. If you think your staff will easily lose or misplace paper forms, it might be a good idea to go with a digital solution. If you do, make sure your staff know exactly how to use the system and that they can type fast, without keeping the prospects waiting.

Record every person

Even when your stand is very busy, make sure you record every person that makes an enquiry about your products. Have a strategy ready for dealing with visitors at peak hours, know where your enquiry forms or iPads are and have them ready. If there is another person waiting to speak to you, introduce your prospect to one of your colleagues and explain that they will take all their details.

Listen to visitors

When exhibiting it’s important to remember that’s it’s not just about talking, listen to what you’re visitors are saying and asking for. Make everyone welcome and comfortable.

We hope you’ve found this checklist useful. Bookmark this checklist for whenever you exhibit.

Here at F EVENTS MANAGEMENT, we’re passionate about your brand, and are proud to have created bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brand. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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