Exhibition Tips and Tricks: Secrets for a Fantastic Trade Show, Article No.2

Marketing Exhibition Tips

Promote before the show

Develop your pre-exhibition marketing

Develop your pre-exhibition marketing plan. Let your target audience know you will be at the show, what products you will be promoting and the location of your stand. Make sure they know the name of the venue and exact dates of the show. Exhibitions offer fantastic marketing opportunities. They give you a chance to catch up with your already existing customers and to make new ones. Use a number of different online and offline channels to promote your exhibition stand.

Use e-mail marketing

One week before the show use e-newsletter to let everyone know you’re attending the event. Provide all the details of the show and location of your stand. Include information about special stand features, interactive screens, competitions, special offers and prize draws.

Keep it consistent

All your promotional material, logo, brand colours, fonts and messages should be consistent. Everything you include should reflect your brand and remain the same look and feel.

Leverage social media

Use social media to drive visitors to your exhibition stand. Post photos of your stand, engage with attendees on Twitter, FB, Instagram and join online conversations. Social Media is a great place to let everyone know that you’re attending the show. If your stand includes any gadgets, interactive games or competitions, make sure everyone knows! Your Twitter, FB, Instagram feed should be regularly updated before, during and after the exhibition.

Create a hashtag

Create a hashtag for your stand. It’s a great way to promote your product or host a contest. Make sure the hashtag is unique and easy to remember. Include it on your banners, graphics and handouts. Many shows will have their own hashtag. Follow the official hashtag and use it before and during the show to keep updated with the latest news and to become part of the exhibition community.

Consider QR codes

If you want to cut the cost of printed material, you can offer visitors digital handouts. Your exhibition stand can include a QR code, which can be easily scanned by attendees and lead them to your website or a pdf presentation.

Exhibition stand design

Use the 3 second rule: You have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression and to grab the attention of the visitor. In those 3 seconds you need to communicate your message, what you do and what you have to offer. All this can be done through your branding, stand design, visuals and text. It’s important that your stand design is engaging and eye catching.

Improve giveaways

At exhibitions visitors receive a lot of gifts that will never be used or will land in the bin straight after the show. Make your giveaway is relevant and interesting. It should be something the visitor will use over and over again. Make sure all items you give away are branded with your logo.

Follow up

It’s important to remember that the marketing doesn’t end after the exhibition. The sooner you follow up with your leads the better the chance of turning them into sales. You should stay in touch with your prospects and send follow up emails within one week.

Here at F EVENTS MANAGEMENT, we’re passionate about your brand, and are proud to have created bespoke exhibition stands for some of the biggest brand. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us!

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