Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As the name suggests, online summer camp provide opportunities for kids to enjoy, learn, meet, and interact with other kids from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. The only required equipment are computers with video and audio connectivity and inquisitive, interested kids.

AGE GROUP: 3 years - 7 years, 7 years - 10 years

DATE: 05 July - 30 July 2020



The activities are a combination of live sessions, videos and PDF documents.

PHYSICAL TRAINING Live session -For both groups

STORYTELLING Video, 3-7 years

DAILY CHALLENGE/BRAIN CHALLENGE Live session, For both groups

HOW TO DRAW Video, both groups

COOKING PDF Recipe, both groups

GAMES Live session , both groups

DANCING Live session, 3-7 years

COLORING IN PDF document 3-7 years

ARTS & CRAFTS Live session, both groups

LEGO Video 7-10 years

COLORING WITH NUMBERS PDF document 7-10 years

An optional kit will be provided for the coloring in, arts and crafts if needed



kids will enjoy their time through online classes (live, videos) for some hours and in the remaining hours they will be doing some activities in their own time using their minds and creativity.


Every time you WIN a challenge you will receive a star,The more you take part, the more rewards you'll receive!

5 WINNERS who collect the biggest number of stars will win 50 AED voucher from EARLY LEARNING CENTRE.

At the end of the Camp all kids will receive an online souvenir certificate from F Events Management.

While our main focus has always been the creation and development of large-scale events, the recent spread of COVID-19 has shifted our attention to supporting you, your employees, and OUR KIDS and their mental and physical health. 

We have created an ONLINE SUMMER CAMP to support working parents everywhere struggling with what they will do with their kids for the summer in this turbulent time with the current global conditions. 

As you may have realized, online summer camp provides opportunities for kids to enjoy, learn, meet, and interact with other kids from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Our solution is to help build new habits for our KIDS. We have created a virtual structure, whereas our kids can use this within their day to day activities, this will ultimately help increase their mental & physical wellbeing as well as add to their knowledge.

Need to know more about our summer camp? Just call us!

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